Pruning a Tree

Pruning a Tree

Trimming a Tree

Most people don’t realize that keeping a tree trimmed up is very important on many levels.   First and foremost, keeping your tree pruned is important because a poorly kept tree can be dangerous.  Over the years, limbs can die and decide to fall at any time.  Can you image being under a tree and a limb falls down and then hits you in the head.   You or a loved one could be seriously injured.   Kids love playing in and around trees and they would be the most vulnarable.   A falling limb could also damage property.   If a limb falls on your roof, the price to get it fixed is much more than simply having your tree pruned and looking good.

It doesnt necessarily take a thunderstorm or high winds to create a dangerous situation, so please inspect all of your trees including the branches.  If you determine that there are some areas of concern, give Jeffersonville Tree Service a call at 930-205-2282.   If you are unsure of how to determine the condition of your tree, give us a ring at that same number and we’ll come out to look at it for you.  We’ll do that at no charge.  Our estimates are always free.

If it’s determined your tree needs pruned, we strongly encourage you to have a professional do the job.   Safety is of the utmost importance.

Keeping your Tree Healthy

Another reason to keep your trees trimmed up is because it promotes a healthier tree.  A pruned tree will begin new growth if it’s trimmed properly.   A professional will also make sure to keep your tree looking nice and configure our cuts to promote healthy growth.   If you keep your tree looking good and trimmed properly, you will have less chance of sustaining an injury from a falling limb.   You’re tree will usually live alot longer too as it’s staying healthy.

Best Time of Year to Prune Trees

The best time of year to prune a tree is in the fall or winter when the trees are dormant, but getting a tree trimmed up in the spring and summer is fine as long as it’s done properly.   It is a little more tricky, but we know how to get your tree pruned any time of year.

If a tree is pruned and proper care is not taken into consideration, your tree could become stressed and die.   Believe it or not, trees can get stressed.  Who would have thought?   Depending on what kind of tree you have, will determine how we prune it.

Don’t Prune to Much

Pruning a tree sounds easy but there is an art to it.   If you take to much off of the tree, you stand the chance of damaging it and eventually it will die.   Call Jeffersonville Tree Service today at 930-205-2282 and we’ll come out and take a look.  Our experienced team will get the job done right the first time every time.   There is no reason to cut down or trim your own trees with the affordable rates we have.   Thank you and best wishes.

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  1. Afton Jackson

    It never occurred to me that tree trimming could help prevent long and unhealthy branches from hurting someone as they fall off. A lot of the trees in my neighborhood are seen as aesthetic additions to each property, but the tree next to my house, in particular, has extremely long branches that I consider its charm point. However, now that I know how dangerous this can be to other people, I’ll take their safety into consideration and look for a tree service that can help me get this trimmed properly.

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