Support Small Business
Support Small Business

Support Small Business

Support Small Business

There has never been a more important time to support small local businesses.   We have been trimming rees and cutting them down for years and have a good portion of our business coming from referrals.    With that being said, we have even seen a downturn in business as the COVID-19 virus continues to ravage our country and state.

We support what Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb and Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear have done to help flatten the curve here in our area, but many small businesses will be closing down and never reopening.   It’s tough for a small business to survive against the huge corporations but you through a wrench into the normal business cycle such as this, and it gets even harder to pay the bills.

Our team at Jeffersonville Tree Service has continued to keep the ball moving forward but at a much slower pace.   Our goal is to keep every single one of our employees on the payroll so they can feed their families.   So far we have been able to do that.   We aren’t the only small business in this situation and many are working hard to keep their employees working.   Unfortunately there are some that haven’t been able too and had to lay off some or all of their staff.

Although we are not working near as many hours or have that many jobs lined up, we are staying above water for now.   We have been giving our free quotes since day one and will continue to do so.   Because of that, we are getting work to help keep our staff waking up through the week with a place to go.   We have always valued our customers and will continue to do so.   If you need any type of tree work done, please give us a call at 930-205-2282.   We’ll set an appointment that works for you and then we’ll hop in the truck to head over to your location when it’s time.


We have the right equipment to safely get the job done, no matter how small or large it is.   We offer our tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal services to home owners and business owners.   Even with the economy down, we all know that we’ll recover and business will be booming, so let’s go ahead and get you scheduled.   We do encourage you to get multiple quotes but once you do, you’ll see the value that we bring to the table.   Our team has the knowledge and experience to use the equipment we have to complete the job on time and safely.   Oh by the way, we are based in Jeffersonville but can also give free quotes and perform work in Kentucky.

Small Business

I do want to thank you for taking time to read my message on supporting small businesses here in Jeffersonville and surrounding areas.   I know that we will survive but there are those who won’t so please support all of the small businesses you can during this very difficult time.   Thank you

FREE QUOTE: 930-205-2282

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