Trees Can Increase Property Value

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Can trees increase the value of your property? A simple answer to this question is “Yes, of course, it can”. A thoroughly planned and matured tree can not only add to the curb appeal of your property. But it can also give a boost to the monetary value of the property.

According to Michigan University, every $ that you invest to improve the landscaping of your property would return a revenue worth 109% more.

How Trees Increase Value of A Property?

Some trees are more beautiful than others. When trees are planted after due consideration, they can increase the curb appeal of your property many folds. You can use compact and conical trees to define your driveway. During dark hours they can add unmatched attraction with the help of the right set of lights. Trees with blooming flowers and fascinating foliage during fall are the best to add a multi-color effect to your yard.

Trees are a great source to cut down the exposure to harmful UV rays. Trees can even be used to provide shade through their canopies. For this purpose, a group of small trees or a single large-canopied tree may be planted.

Trees improve air quality, directly and indirectly. Trees tend to filter the air through their leaves. Some trees are more effective than others for this purpose. Trees with tiny hair on their leaves are the best for purifying the air. Some of these trees include Silver Birch, Elder trees, and Yew.

Trees are an efficient way of windbreaking. Though all trees can not serve this purpose. For windbreaks, deliberate efforts are essential to choose the right type of trees and to select their positions. The trees need to be durable enough to resist winds. Some of the trees that best serve this purpose include Eastern Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar, Lombardy Poplar, and Red Pine.

Trees are a great source to achieve noise abatement. Trees act as barriers to traveling sound waves. Resultantly less noise reaches the ears of residents where trees are planted.

Trees and shrubs are a great privacy measure. When planted along the perimeter they provide the much-needed sense of privacy for the homeowners.

Which Tree Would Add Maximum Value to your Property?

There are no specific trees that can give your property’s value a boost. However, if you are in search of such a tree. Always remember it must be low maintenance, durable, disease-resistant, and well matching with the remaining landscape.

Some of these trees include: –


The magnolias are well suited for cool to temperate zones. These trees are evergreen and bloom throughout the year.

Citrus Trees

There are many citrus trees like lemon, lime, and orange. That can instantly add much more attention to your property. Not only citrus is universally appreciated it can also give your landscape a multicolor touch.

Crepe Myrtle

These trees have lasting colorful flowers that keep blooming from late spring to late summer. They will attain a height of up to 7 meters.

These are just a few examples. You can select the best trees for your particular area based on the criteria defined above.

We thank you for reading about if trees can increase property value. If you are in the Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany area we can give you a quick free estimate on any tree work that is needed. 

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