Why Every Tree Service Company Should Clean The Chainsaw

Some people in the tree service industry have a bad habit of not cleaning their tools properly  which can lead to some problems. Some of these problems are pretty major ones especially in the tree business. It is imperative that if you cut more than one tree with the tool it gets cleaned on a regular basis. In this article we’re going to break down why and what steps you can take to help prevent the spread.

So first let’s get right into why you need to clean your  tools on a regular basis. A tree is not much different than humans when it comes to diseases. A tree can have a disease that you don’t know about. If you’re up on your bucket truck and you’re cutting away at your tree doing your work for the day and you get some of that disease on your chainsaw or on some of your equipment and you don’t clean it you could potentially spread it to millions of other trees. You may take it to an area that currently is not infested and the conditions may be just right for the tree to spread the disease to other surrounding trees. Some tree diseases are very serious  and can take its toll on a whole forest. However if you’re using good techniques and hygiene for your chainsaw knife and other equipment then you can prevent the spread of the diseases.

A chainsaw is one of the most notorious tools that doesn’t get cleaned. However if you take a chainsaw clean it and sharpen it you can do your job much easier throughout the day. Abraham Lincoln said give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. He said this because your job becomes significantly easier when you have clean and well-maintained equipment. There is no reason but the information that is available online that you shouldn’t be able to figure out how to easily maintain and clean  your tools. The reason we stressed this so much is that every Tree Service Company can do their part to try to minimize the spread of infectious tree diseases and infectious bugs that are a serious problem.

1 common bug you may have heard about is the ash borer beetle. This beetle is responsible for the destruction of millions and millions of Ash trees in the United States.These little beetles have been known to hide all over the place including boots, chainsaws, RVs, firewood, baggage, among other places.United States Department of Agriculture is doing everything they can to stop the spread so any good Tree Service Company should do their part and clean their tools regularly so that you can stop the spread of infectious diseases and damaging Invasive species.

We hope that you’ve learned a little bit from this article and we appreciate you coming to Tree Service Jeffersonville to read the content we put out.  Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please give us a ring at 930-205-2282 and remember to keep your chainsaw clean.

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