Proudly Serving Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany and surrounding areas including Louisville, KY

If you are looking around for tree service in Jeffersonville we have your back. That is our one and only, our bread and butter. We offer free quotes in Jeffersonville for tree service. You have come to the right place. We offer comprehensive tree services including.

Tree Removal- Good ol’ Jeffersonville tree removal. We come in with our team and equipment and get rid of your tree. Almost as fast as we came to remove the tree, we are already breaking down the equipment and wrapping up the job. 

Tree Trimming- Leaves, limbs, and dead wood is what we trim. Some trees it takes some major work to get a tree job done, but most of the time it is easy breezy. 

Brush Removal- If you have some wood laying around in a brush pile just rotting or making homes for the friendly neighborhood rodents, please, give us a ring. We can have that piece of land brush free almost as fast as you can say it. 

Limb Removal- Do you have a pesky limb or branch that just won’t stop growing where it shouldn’t. We have seen some limbs do major damage to roofs. Be careful if you have one brushing up against your roof because over time the tree limb sways back and forth in the wind. That small movement can wreak havoc on a structure such as a roof. They do not go together. As a matter of fact if you have a branch or limb rubbing up against anything of value give us a ring. You will be surprised at the kind of damage that can come from a pesky limb. Also, it usually doesn’t cost much to have one limb removed. 

Stump Grinding- Stump grinding simply means we can take care of the stump and get rid of it no problem. The machine we nicknamed the stump grinder 3000 has a large blade with a chain on it. It takes large chunks of the stump off at a time and puts tremendous pressure on it. That pressure simply eats the wood stump chunk by chunk.  It isn’t even a contest. Our stump grinder 3000 is powerful and can have your ground looking like a stump never existed. 

Did you know Jeffersonville used to be known as ticktown? Not because of the little blood suckers but because of the Tick Grass. It is a specific kind of grass that grows in the area. Regardless of the grass you need a reliable, honest, hard working, servant for your tree service. We can give you expert advice that we have accrued from the years and years of experience. We are always fighting to keep our prices low and competitive. One thing is for sure, we will provide the best tree service in the industry. 

Here are a few of the things we include that will back up our good service. 

Honesty- If you can’t be honest you have no business being in business. Honesty is one of our pillars for good tree service. 

Competitive- In other words we try to keep our prices as low as possible and still earn a living. We do have to make some money for providing our tree service, but this goes back to honesty. We are always striving for hard work and a clean living. 

If you feel you have a few trees that may need our services please call us at 930-205-2282.

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