Why Spring Is A Good Time For Tree Service

Caring for your tree is important and can even be fun to do. The only trouble is finding the right time where your tree is in the best state to be looked after. It’s been recommended that spring is a good time to service your tree. The good weather, not being too hot, can make it a good time for you to go outside and get your hands dirty too. 

If you haven’t had to take care of a tree before, you’d be surprised how much there is to do. It can appear overwhelming but choosing the right time can make it easier. There are several reasons why spring is a great time to perform these tasks. Below are a few tips on how to service your tree and why spring is when you should do it. 

Why Should I Service My Tree in Spring?

Spring is a good time to take care of the odd jobs on your tree as it’s the best time for pruning. Cutting your tree during this time is recommended as it enhances flowering. If you were to make the mistake of pruning your tree in a season such as autumn, it could promote fungi decay. Trees start to become thicker and gain their leaves again, so pruning is essential to keep it in shape. 

Trees are typically dormant during the spring, so it gives them time to grow new life as well as recover from any harsh conditions from winter. Any damage caused from the previous season should be dealt with right away, and therefore spring is the best season for this. 

It’s best to service your tree in early spring, as this gives it the rest of the season to blossom to its full potential. Allowing it to become strong will ensure it can handle the following seasons. As well as this, it’s easier to spot any damaged parts of the tree than before it’s fully blossomed. 

How Should I Service My Tree?

With pruning being the obvious task in maintaining your tree, you may be wondering what else you should do. In extreme cases, the winter may have been too much for your tree and so it needs to be removed. This cannot be done in the winter as it poses more dangers to you. 

Another task that can be done is checking for pests that are going to damage your tree further on. You can take the needed precautions using pest control substances to prevent them from coming back. 

Applying mulch and slow-release fertilizer is vital for a strong and happy tree. These provide needed nutrients and boost resistance to any damage that could be caused by diseases, insects, or people.  Springtime provides the optimal conditions for your tree to thrive later in the year. You do need to put the hard work in, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it. You’ll find yourself with a sense of pride watching your tree expand and grow into a beautiful sight. Just set a reminder to handle these tasks as spring comes around the corner, and you’re sorted.

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