Why Tree Removal Isn’t Always The Right Answer

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Jeffersonville is the county seat of Clark County. Although it was replaced by Charlestown at some point, the county seat still returned to Jeffersonville.

There is no harm in pruning your tree when it becomes overbearing or taking down a couple that you deem excessive and overwhelming. However, cutting them all for the aim of developing more houses, malls, and so on will only do more harm than good to humans.

Let’s go in-depth into the harmful effects of cutting down every tree you see around your environment because you feel something better can be done on the land it occupies.

Polluted Air

Trees are what make humans use to survive and without their existence, the air would not be suitable for breathing. With all trees gone, humans may need to create gas masks that filter the little oxygen available in the air. In addition, trees help in the processing of carbon from the environment through photosynthesis which in turn transfers it into oxygen (for human inhalation), or stores it inside trees until they rot into the soil. Thus, the scarcity of trees would ensue a considerably higher amount of carbon dioxide in the air and a lower amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Therefore, this makes the air polluted and full of hazardous airborne pollutants like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and the temperature may even rise up to 12F.

Dead Soil

Air is important, and the lack of a clean and healthy one will probably wipe out everyone from the surface of the earth. However, if a way is found around this, the next fatal effect of tree removal is its damage to the soil. This means that the soil will become polluted with harmful chemicals and pollutants that should have been filtered by trees. Also, the soil will fail to protect the land, thereby causing soil erosion because the soil is vulnerable and unprotected. When this happens, agriculture will start to fail, which will in turn leave people to starve.

Lasting Drought

Dry climates will occur not just because of the presence of unfiltered substances, but because of the absence of rain. During the dry season, trees are in charge of regulating and anchoring dirt by discharging water. However, areas without trees are prone to a serious drought problem that blocks the flow of the river, affects industrial operations, and destroys crop production.

Absence of Tree-based Products

Obviously, there will be no products you can get from trees if they are all removed. So you realize that you help uproot about four billion trees every year each time you use and waste paper? Tree-based products like paper, benches, fuelwood, charcoal, gum, rubber, oils, toilet papers, oils, resins, pencils, bags, barrels, and so on will be no more if there aren’t trees. Foods gotten from trees like nuts, fruits, berries, and so on will also be nonexistent.

All these are sufficient reasons to not always opt for the removal of trees all the time.

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