5 Trees That Thrive With Little Water

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It is a wonderful thing to have a yard decorated with trees. Having said that trees that are elegant in appearance and require less water are go-to trees for the home owners. These trees not only save your time but also keep your expenses cut short. Let us take a look, which are the best five trees that thrive with very little water and yet are elegant.

Northern Red Oak

It is one of the most charming and cleanest trees in North America. It is widely considered a national treasure. It is highly adaptive to different environments and can endure even a drought period. It displays a brilliant set of colors throughout the year. This is a medium to large-sized tree. It also has the honor of being the state tree of New Jersey. This tree is very suitable for being planted in your front yard for all the reasons.

Shumard Oak

This is a tree that is known for its adaptability in different types of environments. It has been known to grow in areas with air pollution, poor drainage, highly compacted soil. This tree also has the capacity to endure drought periods. Shumard Oak has a long life and is a great selection for yards and trees. A lovely dark green during most of the year, Shumard Oak puts on an eye-catching display of brilliant red to red-orange during the fall and winter foliage, giving a filmic landscape statement.


Hackberry is known as a very tough tree by the experts. In ideal conditions, this tree can live up to 200 years. It is known to survive in a wide range of temperatures. It is found growing on a variety of soils from Southern Canada to Florida. It produces fruit that turns orange-red to dark purple in the autumn, often staying on the tree for several months. The hackberry’s bark provides a year-round worth seeing landscape. The fruit is a popular food for birds and small. Much of the fruit remains on the tree until it is eaten by birds.

London Planetree

This is a widely planted street tree. It is well capable to withstand air pollution, drought, and poor drainage which assures its popularity as an urban tree. This tree has large size and is therefore, suitable to be planted in parks and golf courses. It is prominently featured on signs and buildings in public parks across New York City. The London Plane is one of the most efficient trees in removing micropollutants from the environment. Additionally, whether it’s summer or winter it’s a sight worth seeing.

Live Oak

The age of this tree is up to a hundred years. It is known to be one of the most impressive trees in North America. This tree has exceptionally strong wood. It is appreciated by experts for its wind firmness, adaptability to various soil types, and tolerance to soil compaction and salt spray. The name live oak comes from the fact that these oaks remain green throughout the winter when other oak species are leafless.

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