How To Properly Cut A Tree Limb

This is another article by Tree Service Jeffersonville bringing you the latest info on how to properly cut a tree branch. Believe it or not there is a right way and a wrong way to cut a tree branch. This article you are going to be taught the right way so that your tree quickly recovers. This will also diminish the chances of you harming or killing the tree. 

The first thing we want to mention here is  the correct time to cut a tree. The best time to cut a tree is late fall in through the winter. The reason for this is that the tree is less active than has more time to heal. Now let’s get into the cut.

You will want to use a 3 cut process to take off a lamb. Go grab your Silky saw or whatever brand saw you use and get ready. Start by going out from the limb you’re planning to cut about 2 ft. Then you will want to start cutting from the bottom side up. After you get about halfway through you will want to stop that cut. Next move out from that cut about 4 in and start cutting from the top of the branch. You will cut from the top down and go all the way through the branch this time. The reason you cut it like this is the bottom cut helps to stop any bark from tearing off the base of the tree and helps the tree branch fall properly. Once you cut all the way through the branch on that second cut you’re almost done. The last cut you will go to the base of the tree. Go to the spot where the branch just starts flaring out from the tree. On this cut you will go from the top down again as close to the base as possible. You want to make this cut as clean and a straight as possible so the tree can heal the fastest. Go ahead and make that cut.

Once you get through with that final cut your done. Some people try to use tree dressing which is like a dark sappy substance that you put over the wound but you will not need to use this. The best way for a tree to heal is naturally so you let mother nature take over and do its job. Since you made the cut at the right time of the year it will be much easier for this tree to heal. It will take a couple months and you will start to see that cut turn dark. This is a natural process the tree goes through to help protect the wound. Another  reason you made the cut at this time the years because there were less bugs. If you would have done the cut in the summertime there will be more bugs which spread more diseases and can damage your tree.

Thanks for taking the time to learn how to properly cut a tree branch from your friends over at Jeffersonville Tree Service. If you want us to take care of it please give us a call at 930-205-2282.

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