General Tree Service Prices

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Average Tree Service Prices

There is no golden standard tree service pricing. We don’t have a book we can go to that will tell us what to charge for the job at hand. Keep in mind many factors will influence these prices in different ways. The biggest point we want to get across here is that it is best to simply let the tree service professionals come out and look at the job. With that being said we put some pricing below. 

Tree Trimming Prices

For a basic tree trimming job on an average size tree in an average landscape (as you can see many factors here) It would run around $200-$400

Tree Removal Prices

For a basic tree removal, on an average size tree, in an average landscape it would run 800-1200

Some really large trees can be over $10,000. Please don’t let this make you feel like you can not afford a tree removal job because as we stated above it depends on many factors. 

We also get some commercial jobs for apartment complexes that have been over $20k. This would be for a large swath of trees that need to be trimmed or removed. 

We want to urge you to call for a free quote. 1. It doesn’t cost anything but a phone call. We spend the time and the gas to come out and look at the job at hand and give you a quote. This way you know exactly what the deal is and you can decide if you want to move forward or not. 

Stump Removal Prices

A stump can be an eyesore or it can be in the way. People get tired of mowing around stumps that serve no purpose to them. A stump can also vary in size quite drastically. It can be really large or small. It can also be on some funky landscape that may make it harder for our team to get their equipment to the right location so that we can grind it up. 

We usually save stumps for a particular day. We leave all the stumps from tree removal jobs and then schedule several removals all in a day. That way we can keep the machine rolling and it makes our team much more efficient. 

An average stump, with an average landscape, will run $100-$200 dollars. 

Brush Removal Prices

Brush removal is a service we offer. Many people have brush left over from a storm or from taking down a tree and then still have the brush sitting there. We can help you get the brush removed from your property. 

Brush removal usually runs around $100-$200 dollars. That cost can change quite a bit. The reason is that the pile of brush may be different sizes. 

We have a chipper truck and a team of people that will collect all that brush and let the chipper truck eat it like a beaver gnawing at a tree. We use our team and get the brush pieces one by one and put them in the chipper truck. 

These prices are general tree service prices and will change as time goes on. We get so many requests to give a general idea of a tree job without seeing it. The problem is it is almost impossible but we also want to please our customers so here it is. If you have any tree related work in Jeffersonville, IN or surrounding areas please call us!

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