Jeffersonville Tree Trimming

Jeffersonville Tree Trimming

Here you can read about the life of a Jeffersonville tree trimmer. The tree trimmer can be explained by many different Jobs. This one in particular is in the area of Jeffersonville and surrounding cities.

Jeffersonville is a decent size city, having anywhere from 50k to 65k population. It is just outside the Louisville metro area, north of the river. A tree expert in this area may come across sites such as the Howard Steamboat Museum and Mansion, or the Big Four Bridge. These are staples in the community. They may also come across the highly rated Cooper & Kings American Brandy Distillery, or the Angel’s Envy Distillery. There are also many parks in the Jeffersonville area. A couple that are well known are the Perrin Family Park, or Richard L. Vissing Family Park.

A tree cutting professional enjoys most of his time though, climbing and cutting trees in the back and front yards of houses that occupy Jeffersonville. Bucket trucks, protective gear, and climbing cleats are what he knows best.  He understands climbing, limb by limb, carrying a chainsaw, and picking out the bad limbs that need removed. He knows his equipment and uses it everyday.

Safety is a huge part of the business. Some may not think it’s safe to do what he does. Many years on the job without an injury will argue otherwise. Day after day he pays attention, makes decisions based on what is best for the customer, and the safety of himself, while keeping in mind the safety of the property. When it comes to tree removal he strives to be as efficient as possible while also keeping the aforementioned things in mind. Years of experience has its benefits in this area.

He understands trees, what makes them grow, where to cut, and what makes them die. Everything from the common bug that may eat the rotting part of the tree, to the disease that may make one come crashing down due to a weak base.  You can be sure that if he spots something that you need to know about he will make sure you do.

For him, on a sunny day, when the temperature is just right, he may take a moment at the top to enjoy the scenery. Take a moment at the top to enjoy life where things are a little more quiet and thoughts pass more easily.

Not only is this his livelihood, but it’s also what he wants to do. From the moment that he arrives on location do give a free quote, to the time he cleans up any last twigs from the job, he keeps his customer in mind and always strives for excellence.

The things that were described here are for Jeffersonville Tree Service. It is no secret that there are choices when it comes to getting your tree work done, but we want you to call us. Give us a shot. Let us give you a free quote, and see the difference in our work, compared to the other guys who are just in it for the money.

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