How You Know Your Tree Needs Trimmed

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Trimming the trees has great effects on its health. While regular trimming only takes about a few minutes. Ignoring the importance of trimming trees can have undesirable results. Make sure that you trim your trees regularly and also that you do not overdo them.

Following are the signs that indicate that your trees need to be trimmed.

Unbalanced Growth

One of the most common reasons to trim your tree is to avoid unbalanced growth. If your tree starts growing in an undesirable shape, you know it is time to prune. Pluck any of those branches that are sprouting in unwanted directions.

Pruning a tree ensures that the tree presents a neat look and maintains its natural shape.


We all want to see our newly planted tree grow at an accelerated pace. This is a good thing but within limits. If your tree grows at an abnormal speed, the tree may become weak. Be on the lookout to identify if your tree is growing abnormally fast.

To address the overgrowth, make sure you are trimming your trees regularly so that they stay healthy. This would increase the chances of survival of your newly planted tree.

Densely Covered Branches

You should look at the branches of your trees to make sure they are not densely covered. Because it might not be easily identifiable. If you can not see the sunlight coming through the branches, consider them densely covered.

Such branches pose a danger during the storms. They can break and cause damage to the property and the infrastructure. Such plants can also negatively affect the growth of underlying plants.

Crossing Branches

Crossing branches are extremely dangerous for any tree. Therefore, they must be removed as soon as possible. Crossing branches means that they are not growing healthily. With time they are meant to die and decay.

If suitable action is not taken at the right time, it may also affect the other parts of the tree. In the worst possible case, they may result in the decaying of the complete tree. As a result, the complete tree must be removed.

Cracks In the Bark

A healthy tree has a bark free of cracks and holes. However, if you see your tree has developed this issue. It is most probably due to a disease or pest infestation.

A quick fix to this issue is identifying all the affected branches and remove them. It will prevent the disease from spreading to the other parts of the tree.

Branches Over Powerlines

Though it is not a sign but a scenario that should point out the need for trimming a tree. You must be vigilant enough to identify if some of the branches of a tree are hanging over the power lines.

You must prune them without any delay to avoid any damage.

Damaged Branches

If any of the branches of a tree are damaged, decolorized, or leaning towards the ground. Don’t take any chances with them. They can come to the ground in a flash and can cause serious damage.

Therefore, it is advised that you trim such branches on priority.

If you are in the Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany area and you determine that you do in fact need your tree trimmed you can always give us a ring at 930-205-2282. 

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  1. Afton Jackson

    Your explanation of what could happen if a tree isn’t trimmed very properly was really helpful to read. In fact, I recall something similar to this happened to my neighbor as he almost got hit by one of the branches that fell off a tree during the windy season. I’ll ask for his help in finding a tree service that can help us trim down all the trees in the area to make sure no one gets hurt.

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