The Proper Way To Plant A New Tree

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Trees have a lot of benefits to mankind. Due to the increasing global warming, our atmosphere is being affected by a great deal. Therefore, it is always a good idea to plant as many trees as you can. Trees not only provide shade and absorb carbon dioxide from the environment. But can also reduce the temperature of a place. Before we start planting trees, we must learn how to properly plant a tree. Here are the steps that you should follow while planting a tree.


Every plant has its own need for nutrients and water. It is therefore of prime importance that you plant trees that are suitable for your soil type. You must also consider that the roots and branches of the tree have sufficient space to grow. So that they don’t affect the nearby structure and pipelines.

Digging the Hole

Dig a hole so that its diameter is two to three times the diameter of the root ball or container. The depth of the hole should be such that the trunk flare is slightly (1.5 to 2 inches) above the existing ground level.

Remove The Tree From Its Container

Carefully remove the tree from its container. Make sure that while doing this none of the roots are broken. Use your hands gently and carefully. Now once the root ball is out of the container, inspect it. If the roots are tightly compressed together or are growing in the shape of the container break up the pattern.

Place The Tree

Now carefully place the tree in the centre of the hole that you dug earlier. Remember that the trunk flare should be 1.5 to 2 inches above the existing ground level.

Go With The Native Soil

It has been learned through research and studies that roots that grow entirely in the native soil have better growth. Do not amend the hole with another soil type unless you can do it for the complete area where the roots will grow.

Supporting Stakes

If your newly planted tree can not stand upright, you should use two stakes to support it. Place the stakes on opposite sides and approximately 18 inches away from the tree’s trunk. Place the tree tape around the trunk (keep it loose) and attach it to the stakes with ties. Check the stakes and ties periodically to make sure they are not damaging the trunk and branches. If your tree can support itself well, do not use the stakes.

Finishing Touches

Create a circular berm at the base of the tree. It would help to retain water at the surface and supply it to the roots. Water the area around the plant so that the soil settles down and the large air pockets are eliminated. The roots of a newly planted tree should never be completely dry. Neither they should be waterlogged. Keep on watering your newly planted tree every other day, for the first two weeks.

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