Should You Hire A Start Up Tree Company?


In this article we’re going to talk about tree service companies and what to look out for as far as new companies. You want to make sure that your company is licensed and insured and carries the proper paperwork. Every company has to start somewhere, and we are all about the American dream however you should be weary of small startups that have not been in business very long. We are not saying that every new startup is a bad company, as we just said they have to start somewhere. What we do not like are companies that are here today gone tomorrow. Companies that provide a low level of customer service, and also companies that may not respect your property or your wishes while they’re doing the job.

There is a certain amount of trust that comes with hiring a tree service worker a landscaper that you will have to have. You hire them on the expectation that they’re going to do the job correctly and make sure you are satisfied as the customer.

As a consumer you should ask for license and insurance. You should also double check that license and insurance to make sure it is legit. We have known some companies that don’t carry license and insurance but will show you a paper saying they do, however it is fake. This is an area you want to do some due diligence on. For the safety of your property, and the safety of the people on the property just make sure that they are actually carrying the required amount of insurance and the correct license to operate.

Next you will want to check out how much experience a company has. Every company has to start somewhere. Some companies have years of experience and some companies have only been in business a couple of months. As long as they check out on the required license and insurance and you move to the second step of the process and that is making sure they have enough experience to actually do the job you are asking of them. What you’re going to look out for in this area are reviews and recommendations by friends and family. Ask the company for some referrals that you can reach out to to find out how there experience was. Most companies should be happy to provide this and should have some on hand. If they are a company that cannot provide this or do not want to provide this be very leery. They should not only have this but also have a good relationship with their past customers. Once you get the referrals that you’re going to reach out to then you actually reach out to them. Just because a company provides you with a few people doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out. Call them up and tell them you’re thinking about hiring the company and you want to know what their experience was. You will be amazed at what people are willing to share with you.

If steps 1 and 2 check out then you can move on to step 3 of actually hiring the  service company of your choice. Jeffersonville Tree Service we will be happy to provide you with all the documentation and referrals so that we can check out and do the job, and provide the highest level of customer service possible please call us at 930-205-2282



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