Tree Removal Jeffersonville

You need a tree removal in Jeffersonville but are not sure who to contact? We can hop in the truck, run out, and give you a quick and easy free estimate on your removal. Let us break down what is involved in such an estimate and what to expect from us and our tree removal service.

There are several aspects to our tree removal service. Here is  what you can expect.







There are several reasons that people would like to have a tree removed from the yard. Also there are many reasons people want to have a tree gone. Here are some of those reasons.

  • Damaged- This is in the top 10 reasons why people want to have the tree removed. It has been damaged by lightning,  storm, bugs, or some other thing that would damage the tree. If your tree is damaged sometimes we can do things to help fix the damaged areas. In other cases we may have to take it down. The main decision is always up to you.
  • Dying- Here is a pretty simple one. if your tree is in a situation where it’s dying or maybe already dead then it’s always a good idea to have it taken down. If you don’t then you may cause more damage when the tree falls or even hurt somebody.
  • Aesthetics-Aesthetics is simply what it looks like. Some people have a tree removed because they don’t like the look of the landscape. They may just not like the look of the tree in general.
  • New Construction- During new construction you may have to take down or remove a tree because it’s simply in the way from what you’re wanting to build. The next time you have a situation like this you can always call  us.
  • Want More Sunshine- This one is for all the lawn lovers out there. sometimes the tree doesn’t live enough light through to help the grass thrive. We can do a couple different things in this situation. We can thin out the tree to let the light come through. We can also take down the tree so that you don’t have to worry about it. Then you can have that luscious green grass if you’ve always dreamed of. Either way go ahead and call us.
  • In The Way- Is your tree in the way? Let us deal with the hard part of taking it down. We can be your muscle. Don’t try to do the job by yourself let us help. You know what? Go ahead and sit on the couch relax with a nice cold beverage and we’ll take care of the whole thing.
  • Hate Clean up- Are you the type of guy that hates to clean up all the sticks out of your yard. You can help. That doesn’t always mean you have to take down the tree. It may mean just removing the dead branches so that not as much fall during windy situations. Also you may go ahead and have it removed no problem for us we got your back.
  • Don’t Like To Mow Around It- Yep we have heard this one before. Every day you have to go around the same tree in the same place when you’re mowing. You would just be happier if you didn’t have to. If it were going life would be so much easier when you mow. Life can be easier just give us a call.
  • Top Heavy- You have a tree that looks like it’s going to fall over any second because one side looks super heavy and the other side looks lopsided. That is not uncommon but it’s  also not always a removal job. This can be a job of trimming. All we have to do is trim it correctly to get both sides even. Kind of like giving it a haircut.
  • Bug Infested- If you have a bug infested tree chances are the tree is already dead or dying. Bugs only feed on dead wood. They do not eat healthy wood. Which means that you want to get rid of the tree or have it looked at at least.
  • Diseased- This is another one that you will want to have looked at. Sometimes people mistake disease for other issues. Let us come and take a look and use our professional arborist skills to assess the tree. If you want to get rid of it that’s always your decision. Just let us explain what’s going on.
  • Ugly- Your tree is ugly we get it let us get the chainsaw and start the process of bringing that big ugly piece of wood down. No problemo.

It doesn’t matter why you’re having the tree removed or what the problem is we can help. Tree Service Jeffersonville can handle any tree removal you throw at us and quotes are always free. Our number is 930-205-2282.

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