Gotta Love Indiana Weather

Gotta Love Indiana Weather

“Gotta love Indiana weather”. That is something we all say as Hoosiers or “If you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes”. This is because Indiana weather is very unpredictable. It keeps things interesting and keeps you guessing. Even in the middle of summer, I keep a hoodie in the car just in case. Indiana is the only state where we can have all 4 seasons in one day.  We wake up and it is 70 degrees and sunny and by 3p.m. it could be 20 degrees and snowing. In the spring storms pop up from out of nowhere and sometimes come with tornados It has also happened where it rains on one side of a building and sunny skies on the other side. During the winter we dress in layers because we never know how cold it will actually be. As much as we complain about it, we know we love it.  Most of us would not want to live any where else.

The weather is not the only thing that makes Indiana unique. Jason Aldean in his song calls Us a fly over state. A “fly over state” is described in the song as a beautiful view from the sky. All you see is corn fields, farms and trees. Almost every city or town you drive through you will see farm land and trees. Corn and beans are 2 of the big things grown in Indiana. In some field the corn is so high that it blocks the view of the road and houses around it.

In the south east part of Indiana right on the Ohio river sits a city Named Jeffersonville. Also known as Jeff, it is the county seat of Clark county. It is a unique city in that it is so close to Louisville that those who live in Jeffersonville can pay in state tuition at the University of Louisville.  It is known for thunder over Louisville. It is an all-day party on both sides of the river and culminates into one of the biggest fireworks displays in the area. The big Four pedestrian bridge is and od railroad bridge that was converted into a walkway and bike path linking downtown Jeffersonville to Louisville’s waterfront park. On the Indiana side of the pedestrian bridge is the River stage where they show movies and concerts and all event are free. As you can see there is plenty to do in Jeffersonville, and plenty to do in nature.

So how does Indiana weather, fly over states and Jeffersonville tie together? Simple Jeffersonville tree service. They live in the area and are proud to call Jeffersonville and Indiana home. They service the Clark county area which includes Clarksville and Louisville. They live in the state and understand the weather. They have an appreciation for nature and can be prepared to help with anything. When you are looking for someone who can remove a tree or help revive a sick looking tree. Look no further than Jeffersonville tree service.

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